Justin Bieber’s Court Date

By Francesca KrivitskyWPTV_Justin_Bieber_in_court_20140123131122_320_240

Sorry to all the beliebers out there, but Justin’s taken. In fact, he’s got a date on March 3rd… with the law. Originally scheduled for Valentine’s Day, Justin Bieber’s court date will be held in Miami, where he was arrested for drag racing while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and Xanax. To make matters worse, his license was invalid, and he resisted arrest. You’d think it would be hard to mess up that badly, but apparently, nothing is out of Bieber’s grasp. The singer seems to be on a downward spiral lately, getting caught doing graffiti and egging his neighbor’s house, a crime which could get him convicted as a felon. All that, and his latest album didn’t even make the top 40! Just imagine what his PR people must have to deal with. After all that, are you still a fan?

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